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Mum once again amazed by long-lasting bunch of flowers


A mum in her fifties has once again expressed her surprise at a bunch of flowers lasting for quite a long time.

Sue Davis, 52, from Nottingham used a phone call to her son from a landline to tell him she couldn’t believe the flowers he sent her on her birthday two weeks ago were still not dead yet, despite them lasting pretty much the same amount of time as every bunch of flowers.

“Can you believe those flowers you sent me are still going?” asked Sue of her son Ian, who was in the middle of trying to watch a vital Premier League game on a Sunday afternoon.

“Wow yeah,” replied Ian – the same words he used when Sue had called him about the longevity of the flowers he’d sent her for Mother’s Day a few months previously.

“It must be because I put them on the window sill by the toaster, it gets a lot of sun back there,” continued Sue.

“Ok Mum I’ve got to go, I’ll call you next weekend,” said Ian.

“Don’t forget to get that cough looked at,” said Sue, “I read an awful thing in the Daily Mail about men not going to the doctor last week, I’ll cut the article out and post it you,” said Sue.

“It’s fine Mum I’ll find it online.” said Ian.



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