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Man in his thirties only playing Pokemon Go “to see what the fuss is about”


A 36 year-old man from London has spoken about how he’s not actually playing Pokemon Go seriously and in fact only downloaded it “to see what all the fuss is about.”

Steve Trendy from Brixton, who runs a start-up company providing organic smart watches for dogs, also says that he isn’t enjoying the game at all, saying it’s just for kids and that he only plays it “to gain some insight into the software involved.”

“Yeah I can take it or leave it personally,” said Steve, looking over our shoulder furtively and then staring down at his iphone. “It’s actually hilarious seeing all these people running around the place around looking for Bulbasaur or Wartortle or Parasect or whatever they’re called, I don’t know the names. It’s a bit sad to be honest.”

Steve, who spends up to 17 or 18 hours a day playing the game around the streets of south London in the same clothes he’s worn for ten days, says he’s disappointed at the way Pokemon Go has taken over the lives of so many young people.

“Yeah it’s depressing really,” said Steve, wiping donut jam from his Pikachu T-shirt and twitching. “You’d think with the summer here folk would be at the park enjoying the sunshine with friends or something rather than obsessing over their phones. The world’s gone mad. I can’t see it lasting though. Oh by the way can you just move to the left a bit there’s…er…something I need to see behind you.”

Steve, known locally as “Pokemon Steve”, says that he’s gathered the technical information he needed and will soon be deleting the app, “as soon I’ve found Tentacruel and Poliwag.”

“You…you haven’t seen them have you?” he asked us with tears welling in his eyes.





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