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This kid had never seen a guitar before in his life. What happened next will call you up, ask you if you’d like to go for a drink one night, sound disappointed, ask you if you’ll change your mind, sigh loudly, hang up, then text you a week later to see if you’ll consider it again because the Marvel movies are generally very good and the effects are supposed to be just spectacular but it’s cool if you’re still busy just let me know when you have an evening free and maybe we can grab a drink or something before the movie no pressure not like a date or anything like that it’s just since you broke up with Steve I feel like you and I get on a lot better almost like we’re thinking the same thing you know? Haha anyway yeah let me know about the movie and I’m honestly sorry about the photo I was checking for a lump and I wanted to show it to the doctor so he could see what I was seeing and it just uploaded itself to the text I sent you




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