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Amazing! Man catches baby while holding baseball


The home crowd goes wild as Hartley shows off the child he plucked out of the air

What a catch! Just incredible. There were hearts in mouths at Wrigley field as eight-month old baby boy Dylan Matthews sailed off the back of the bat and 90 feet up into the night sky, but Cubs fan Keith Hartley, with his favorite baseball safely cradled in his right hand, nonchalantly reached over the short brick wall with his left and caught the plummeting infant one-handed. The fan dropped neither the baby (who was sucking on a bottle) nor the ball.

First-base umpire Jerry Meals originally ruled the play a foul, as the baby came high off the bat and shot into the home crowd. But that was overruled after a replay showed Hartley caught the child cleanly.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.50.59 AM

Cubs fan Hartley is high-fived by a Dodgers player for catching the flying child

“I thought it was a good play,” Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke said of Hartley’s catch. “A baby is a tough thing to catch at that speed. And it could have a full diaper.”

“That was outstanding,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said of superfan Hartley. “You worry about the ball, of course, but it looked like he had it under control. It looked like he’d done it before, almost. That was a great play.”


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