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Amazing! Man catches baby while holding baseball

Amazing! Man catches baby while holding baseball

What a catch! Just incredible. There were hearts in mouths at Wrigley field as eight-month old baby boy Dylan Matthews sailed off the back of the bat and 90 feet up into the night sky, but Cubs fan Keith Hartley, with his favorite baseball safely cradled in his right hand, nonchalantly reached over the short brick […]

Distraught man unable to find a gif good enough to announce wife’s death

A week ago, Tony Stevens’ wife Audrey sadly passed away. In those long seven days, Tony has had to deal with her belongings and close bank accounts and pack away the many things that made up their forty year marriage. But yesterday came the real test — it was time for Tony to tell the wider world that […]

Couple “incredibly grateful” for strangers’ unsolicited parenting advice

A young couple has told of their thanks for the constant stream of parenting advice given to them by pretty much everyone they encounter, whether those people have any experience with children or not. Steve and Elaine Smith had their first child just a few months ago, and are convinced that without the invaluable contributions […]