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Crowd’s delight as Dave Grohl sings a Foo Fighters song himself

A sell-out crowd of 18,000 Foo Fighters fans at Fiddler’s Green amphitheater in Colorado were blown away last night when Dave Grohl stopped inviting members of the audience up on stage to sing his songs and performed one himself. To the visible relief of his bandmates, Grohl sang the 1995 hit ‘Monkey Wrench’ in its […]

Londoners admit tube chaos is “just an excuse for not turning up to work”

LONDONERS have admitted that the widespread ‘chaos and confusion’ caused by the tube strikes was actually just a really handy excuse to tell the boss that they can’t be arsed to come to work today. With the entire underground network ground to a halt because of an industrial dispute, thousands of workers in the capital […]

What Diet Coke does to your body when you replace all your blood with it

As we all know, Diet Coke is a delicious bubbly drink that tastes not-quite-as-good as actual coke but won’t make you fat and is fantastic to have at lunchtimes while watching male window cleaners take their shirts off. But what happens to your body when you make the decision to entirely replace your blood with […]