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Elon Musk unveils plans to provide recharging stations for new mothers

Tesla boss Elon Musk has responded to criticism that he allegedly scolded an employee for taking time off to witness the birth of his baby by unveiling a range of battery packs for mothers of new born babies. “It really sucks that new Moms are forced to take breaks from caring for their babies,” said […]

Judge releases 70s serial killer, ruling: ‘it was a different time’

A judge has released the most prolific and bloody murderer of the Seventies, ruling that “it was a different time back then.” Barry Petunia – known affectionately by his criminal nickname, “Barry the Bugger” – murdered more than 34,000 women, children, men and puppies between 1971 and 1976, the classic era of Glam-Rock, while touring […]

Baby ‘absolutely sick and tired’ of being taken to mother’s workplace

A six month old baby has told of his frustration at constantly being wheeled into an office just so his mother can get some attention. Thomas Stevens, who was born in November last year, regularly has to make the twenty minute commute by train with his Mum Rachel from his house in Surbiton to the […]

5 Celebrity Romances we NEED to See Happen!

Here at WARAE we just LOVE romance! And we love a ‘will-they-won’t-they’ romance the most of all, just like Tim and Dawn in The Office, or Jim and Pam in the American Office! Well, here are five REAL LIFE ‘will-they-won’t-theys’ you can probably put bets on to see if they will happen in real life […]

Millions of Brits shocked to find their facebook status doesn’t count as an official vote

MILLIONS of Brits have claimed that the electoral system is a ‘farce’ and ‘democracy is dead,’ after discovering that writing endless status updates about voting doesn’t actually count as a vote. It is estimated that some 5.5 million people assumed that by writing updates including “think of the NHS!” and “You know what to do […]

5 truly inspiring motivational quotes from serial killers

These quotes from men responsible for truly inhuman acts of depravity will really put a spring in your step. Go get ’em tiger! follow Charli on the twitters

How’s it going mate?

“Yeah not bad. You?” “Yeah not bad. Got much on at the weekend?” “Nah not much, probably watch the game.” “Ah yeah Arsenal Chelsea’s on Sunday isn’t it.” “Yeah should be good.” “Yeah should be.” “Sarah not around then?” “Yeah she is but she’s taking her Mum somewhere, not sure where.” “Ah right, house to […]