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Tidal owners hope new streaming service will “drag them out of poverty”

The new owners of music streaming app Tidal today said that they hope it will be the catalyst that turns their lives around and drags them out of the abject poverty in which they currently reside. Jay-Z, a street urchin from Brooklyn, teamed up with poor Nashville musician Jack White, Usher, an actual mouse and […]

These Game of Thrones moments are incredibly powerful when you intersperse them with scenes from Barney

The powerful HBO series Game of Thrones returns next week for a fifth season, and we couldn’t be more excited. Game of Thrones, or just “Game” for short, or just “Gah” for even shorter, is probably the most powerful television show ever made. Nine times more powerful than the engines of the Saturn 5 moon […]

Wishing someone a happy birthday on Facebook “just exhausting”

A new study has found that having to wish somebody a ‘Happy Birthday’ on social networking site Facebook is one of the most exhausting things you can possibly do. Scientists in Germany examined ten people as they received a notification on their mobile phone, sighed loudly, rolled their eyes and then headed over to whichever […]

The funniest ‘text from dog’ EVER!!

That’s the text one “playful pup” sent someone when his owner Steve left his iphone on the sofa and the dog’s paw was resting on the phone and it sent a series of nonsensical text messages to someone called Craig in his owner’s address book. You won’t BELIEVE what happened afterwards! Check out the next […]

James Corden ‘very disappointed’ by American portion sizes

James Corden ‘very disappointed’ by American portion sizes

As the new host of The Late Late Show on CBS, roly-poly British ‘comedian’ James Corden is certainly having his cake and eating it right now – but the problem is the cake isn’t quite big enough! Corden is believed to have told close friends that he is bitterly disappointed by the size of food […]

7 Harry Potter secrets so amazing they’ll leave you legally blind

7 Harry Potter secrets so amazing they’ll leave you legally blind

Everybody in the whole world loves Harry Potter, the heartwarming story of the little boy who just wanted to be loved and to kill a man in order to avenge his parents’ deaths. You might think you’re a fan of the boy Potter and the seventeen movies that were made about his adventures, but do […]

Amateur historian finds Noel Gallagher quote that hasn’t been tweeted yet

A music-loving historian has uncovered a rare Noel Gallagher quote that he believes is yet to be included in a list anywhere on the internet. The quote – the only one of its kind in existence and potentially worth hundreds of thousands of pounds – was discovered on a bootlegged DVD that cost just £4.99 […]